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LED Starlight Floor, Dance Flooring 100,000 Hours

Starlight Dance Floor

A newly concipated, extra-thin [Less than 1" (2cms) with frame], heavy-duty dancefloor with longlife LEDs. Ideal for sound to light use. Life expectancy of bulbs typically in excess of 100.000 hours (mtbf). Just perfect for stores, exhibitions and show dancing etc. One square meter can carry 4 tons. Connects conveniently to Aadvision "Trafo Light Controller".
Size per module 60 x 60 x 2 cm, 3 fields equal about 1 square yard. Minimum order  16 fields.

No. 6186

Starlight floor

Price per sqm

EUR   565,-

Over 50 square yards  EUR 495,-
Illuminated Dance Floors  LED Floors

 LED Dance Flooring      Tanzfläche
                                                                                 Airport Egelsbach Frankfurt Check-in
                                                                                 has about 110 square meters lit floor
                                                                                         dance floor, dance flooring.


LED Starlight Dance Floor

Stiers Illuminated Dance Floor- Glass Floors

Starlight glass floor also available with rounded corners at extra cost.

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Starflash- Glass Floors

Entrance area with Rainlight Floor 

Rainlight Illuminated floor,  Glass Flooring, Dance Flooring

Glass floor for all discos, large halls, stages and corridors. Also for later installations into standard sized rooms. Great for dancing! Even when no
one dances, this dance floor adds life to your disco and convinces your guests to stay!

Only 20 mm mounting height! Installed in 1-2 days!

What A Sensation! Your guests will be delighted. Although the dance floor is extremely bright, it
is very economic. Typically, the long-life bulbs will last more than 50'000 hours. Custom-made dance floors, individual shapes and sizes are at your choice!

Ideal for exhibitions, motor shows, fashion
shows, events, boutiques, television, film, sports events, entertainment, party, event, wedding, etc.
Holds up to 1.5 tons per square meter.

No. 4400

Rainlight LED Illuminated floor

Price per sqm 

EUR   785,-


M.S. Queen Elizabeth with Stiers Starflash Glass Floors

The Stiers Rainlight Illuminated Glass Flooring on the Swimmingpool-Deck on board the Cruise Liner "Queen Elisabeth II". has been in use for many years with no servicing. Worldwide, these floors are in use in several hundred projects .


Lit Glass Floors

Rainlight Glass Floors: available in white, red, blue, green, gold or multi-colour.


The mounting surface must be endurable, stable and perfectly even.

In damp commercial areas with
high audience traffic, we strongly recommend having a local company seal the floor.


Illuminated Dance Floors, Dance Hall Floors, Disco Glass Floors

Rainlight LED Illuminated Floor with 100'000 Hour LEDs


Dance Glass Floors in Disco

No. 4400

Rainlight Illuminated floor

Price per sqm 

EUR   785,-

 Stiers GmbH - Industriestraße 5 - D-85609 Aschheim - Tel. 0049- 89 - 920999-0 - Fax 0049- 89 - 920999-88

Rainbow Floor

Rainbow Dance Floors        Rainbow Floors        
           Dancefloors       LED Dance Floor


Rainbow Floor

Rainbow“ Glass Floors
Special glass disperses light rays. Comes with coloured lamps. Segment units 60 x 60 cm consist
of four fields with 30x30 cm each. Mounting height 15 cm. Installation and connection by our technical personnel guarantees years of trouble-free permanent service. Please send architect's specifications for optimum realization.

No. 4124

Rainbow floor

Price per sqm 

EUR  1.050,-

Rainbow- Disco


STIERS Rainbow illuminated glass floors are used worldwide e.g. in Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Cypres, Djibouti, Egypt, England, Hungary, Greece, Germany, Nigeria, Poland, Russia, Romania, Seychels, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Venezuela with great success.
Reference: Model 2005 EM Club Ramstein Airforce Base, Glamour Disco Freiburg.

 Stiers GmbH - Industriestraße 5 - D-85609 Aschheim - Tel. 0049- 89 - 920999-0 - Fax 0049- 89 - 920999-88

Illuminated Dance Arenas, Light-Animated Dance Flooring, Glass  Flooring

Rainbow Floor Controller

STIERS Rainbow Controller

This spectacular absolute novelty has been specially developed for STIERS RAINBOW FLOOR to achieve the most exciting effects, like Colour Explosion, Checkers, Lightwaves tec. Controlling possible manually, by auto-sequence or through music pulse. Countless programs may be used,
only limited by your imagination. A Bee Card will allow you to store your programs for future recalls.
All functions are monitored by electronic display. All 3 colour sections can be smoothly varied in brightness. Safety lock prevents unauthorized access.
Power equivalent: 28.000 Watt with power pack in a case. Size : 60 x 45 x 25 cm

No. 4123

Rainbow Controller w. Powerpack and Case


EUR 8.940,-



Reinhard Fendrich Stage-Design with Rainbow Wall

Rainbow Wall

Rainbow Wall is a magnificent eye-catcher for stores, shop windows, theatres, dance-halls and TV-shows. Many thousand patterns and color combinations possible.
As an example, the stage design for Austrian star singer Reinhard Fendrich using STIERS Rainbow Wall.

Controller to be ordered seperately.

No. 4125

Rainbow wall

Per sqm  

EUR   895,-

Liquid Floor, Liquid Flooring, Wave Flooring

Liquid Floor

Liquid Flooring
Liquid floor covering. Ideal for shopwindows, exhibitions and displays.
Exhibit, display, shop flooring.
Size: 60 x 60 x 8 mm - 2 kg

Illuminated Liquid floor for use with audience.
Ideal for TV game shows, shop windows, exhibitions and displays.

Size: 60 x 60 x 14 cm - 8 kg

Liquid floor for use with audience.
Liquid flooring. Ideal for shopwindows, exhibitions and displays. Size: 50 x 50 x 0,2 cm - 1 kg

No. 4413

Liquid flooring



EUR   58,-


No. 4413

60 Pieces Liquid floor



EUR   46,-

Minimumorder 20 sqm. = app. 60 segments. Illuminated liquid floors with lighting are delivered with sturdy covering. Ideal for use in stores, museums and as a dancefloor.

Wave Floor, Starlite flooring, 3D-Floors, Effect Flooring

3-D  Floors - Effect

3D-Effect Flooring (Wave-Floor)

with 3D-wave-effect. Ideal for mobile or permanent installation for exhibitions, shops, restaurants, studio, ballroom or for dancing. Only 14 mm high. One square m. can take up to 4 tons. 3 plates are little over 1 square m. Minimum order 20 plates. Special colours by request

Dimensions: ca. 60 x 60 cm x 14 mm high - 18 kg

No. 6189

3D waves silver Wave Floor


á EUR   225,-

No. 6190

3D waves gold/red Wave Floor


á EUR   225,-

Prices within Germany and the EU + 19% VAT. / Dollar prices ex VAT for other countries

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